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Hammamet fishing

Hammamet fishing - you and your family

Among the many activities you can try on your Hammamet vacation there is Hammamet fishing. There are many Hammamet fishing destinations, and every one of them has its specific appeal. 

You can try Hammamet fishing by yourself or organize a competition with your friends and family. See who catches the biggest fish!

For the fisherman, a Hammamet fishing vacation conjures up the image of diverse fishing experiences in beautiful settings. You can try Hammamet fishing in the shallow water. Or you can rent a boat and try to fish the creatures of the depths.


fishing ads

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Hammamet fishing vacation

Great weather and a relaxed atmosphere are all part of a Hammamet fishing vacation. It is an event you’ll have fond memories of for the rest of your life.

You can easily find specialized shops in the area where you can buy or rent the necessary equipment for your Hammamet fishing trip and find tips on popular fishing grounds.

Hammamet fishing methods vary according to the area being fished, the species being targeted, the personal strategies of the angler, and the resources available, ranging from the aristocratic art of fly fishing to the high-tech methods.



Other about Hammamet  

Fishing in Hammamet makes for perfect bone fishing !

Hammamet, 65 kilometres southeast of Tunis, combines a taste of North Africa with the facilities of a well-established, cosmopolitan resort, complete with a vast sandy beach and two golf courses. You can still immerse yourself in local culture by haggling in the Medina’s souks, or visiting ancient Carthage or Tunis, the capital. Diferent types of ishing are equally popular and are in practice on all the seaside of Tunisia; they are available both for professionals (hand harpoon — tuna with blue ins, sword-ish, ishing with invisible net) and for amateurs (sportive ishing with ish-hook). For creeping they use creeps (trawls) up to 20-25 m long in the shallow waters and up to 200-450 m long in the open sea. Fishing with hook (near the coast) is popular among amateur ishermen mostly. They ish mainly small species such as scorpion ish or sultan ish. They use also long vertical net ixed with cords; it cross the way for ish coming from river to the sea. For this sweep-net only some strong ishermen are in need; they should be ready to work in a team and to get up at once to follow the migrating shoals. For sponges they use long harpoon with a trident. Fishing, like the results on the end of the hook, comes in many flavours - from sea angling to fly fishing, ice fishing to bass fishing. But fishing holidays can often feel like one-sided affairs - he with the rod, she having to feign enthusiasm. However, there's no reason why families or couples can't enjoy fishing trips together, especially if they choose a travel company who can cater for several levels of fishing skills, including pure novices. If you want to try something new, a fishing trip is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, feel a sense of achievement, as well as develop a skill. Many fishing holidays include sightseeing trips, kayak trips or boat trips than can help make a memorable trip. Thanks to its long coastline and numerous fishing ports, Tunisia can serve a most abundant, varied and exceptionally fresh supply of fish in its restaurants. Before ordering, restaurant owners will usually show you a large plate of fish including red mullet, sole, mackerel, grouper, sea perch, cod, tuna, octopus, etc.

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